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November 4, 2019
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The events of 9/11 had a profound effect on everyone whose lives they touched and continue to impact our world today. Even though 18 years have passed since that day, tens of thousands of individuals still suffer illnesses as a result of being exposed to the toxic dust and smoke that enveloped the city in the aftermath of the attacks. As such, 9/11-related issues continue to pop up, often in unexpected places. When those issues come up in the legal field, attorneys often turn to a 9/11 lawyer at Pitta & Baione for assistance.

Highly Experienced in 9/11 Victims’ Law

The 9/11 lawyers at Pitta & Baione have a reputation for detail-oriented, tireless, and empathetic advocacy on behalf of our clients. Our reviews speak volumes about our firm ethos and style of practice. Managing partner Vincent F. Pitta has been representing hardworking Americans for over 40 years from the boardroom to the courtroom and beyond. After 9/11 he helped families of victims seek justice against Saudi Arabia, liaison with families to develop a proper memorial to their lost loved ones in Lower Manhattan, and guided labor unions through the economic downturn and upheaval that followed. Partner Vito R. Pitta‘s first job was volunteering at the Twin Towers Fund where he helped to distribute donations to 9/11 victims. Now a 9/11 lawyer and lobbyist, he combines legal know-how with legislative advocacy to help not only Pitta & Baione clients but the entire 9/11 community. Partner Christopher J. Baione has been a 9/11 lawyer since admission to the bar- devoting his entire legal career to representing victims seeking compensation from the VCF and health benefits from the WTCHP. Partner Matthew J. Baione applies a background in litigation to VCF advocacy.

The depth and breadth of our experience in all aspects of 9/11 victims’ law, including the Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) and World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP), is unmatched. Because of the strength of our practice, we are routinely called upon by other attorneys to provide counsel when their matters involve 9/11-related issues. We have assisted many attorneys who practice in fields as diverse as:

  • Personal injury
  • Complex securities transactions and litigation
  • Real estate transactions and litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Criminal law
  • Civil rights law
  • Government relations
  • Medical malpractice
  • Labor law
  • Employment law
  • Election law

Due to the large number of individuals who were exposed to 9/11 toxins in the aftermath of the attacks, 9/11-related issues can arise in virtually any legal matter.

Our Services

Our attorneys provide a full range of 9/11-related legal services and have assisted other attorneys with legal issues as wide-ranging as:

  • Determining eligibility for VCF and WTCHP benefits
  • Calculating damages
  • Developing strategies to maximize benefit awards
  • Appearing at evidentiary hearings
  • Forecasting economic losses
  • Reviewing loss VCF loss calculations
  • Arguing appeals for increased compensation
  • Proving exposure to 9/11 toxins
  • Documenting and proving presence in a 9/11 exposure zone
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Government relations

For more detailed information about the services we offer or our experience in handling 9/11-related legal matters, please contact us.

We Are Dedicated to Helping 9/11 Victims

Our dedication to our clients and advocacy on behalf of 9/11 victims everywhere have not gone unnoticed. As thought leaders in our field, we are routinely called upon to lecture to unions and community groups about 9/11 toxins and benefits programs available to victims. Our attorneys have also been featured in many media outlets, including NBC, the Staten Island Advance, the Chief Leader, 530AM The Mission, 970AM The Answer, and the World Journal.

Contact a 9/11 Lawyer at Pitta & Baione

The attorneys at Pitta & Baione know 9/11 victims’ law and we frequently counsel other attorneys when they require the assistance of a 9/11 lawyer. For more information about our practice, please contact a 9/11 lawyer at Pitta & Baione by using our online contact form or by calling us at 844-982-2667.