The Claims Process for 9/11 Compensation
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Our WTC Lawyer Explains the Steps Towards Receiving Your Compensation

The World Trade Center attorneys at Pitta & Baione LLP help responders and survivors injured in the September 11th attacks navigate the benefits claims process and get the full compensation and other assistance available.


Whether you are seeking benefits under the World Trade Center Health Program or the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, our attorneys understand how to build the strongest possible claim. We are proud of our successful track record on behalf of people who were injured in one of the darkest days in our country’s history.

At Pitta & Baione, our attorneys stand by clients through every step of the claims process. A WTC lawyer at our firm will guide you through the process with experience and personal attention, keeping you apprised of your rights and options every step of the way.


The 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund provides financial compensation to survivors and their heirs for certain monetary losses associated with the attacks. You will work with your World Trade Center attorney throughout the VCF benefits claim process.

  1. VCF Claim Registration – You first register your claim online, which requires submitting documentation to (1) prove your presence at a 9/11 site, and (2) demonstrate you have an eligible medical or physical condition. During this process, you can also update your contact information to include your WTC lawyer to ensure any communication is handled promptly.
  2. Preliminary Review – The VCF will review your registration and supplemental materials to confirm all “minimally required” documents are, indeed, submitted.
  3. Substantive Eligibility Review – During this step, the VCF will verify your claim was registered by applicable deadlines, confirm eligibility, verify your presence at a 9/11 site, and confirm the timely resolution of any 9/11-related lawsuits.
  4. Eligibility Decision – A letter is issued explaining the outcome of the review process. If approved your claim will undergo compensation review. If eligibility is denied, the review claims stops at this point.
  5. Initial Compensation Review – During this step, the types of losses you sustained are determined (economic loss vs. non-economic loss).
  6. Complete Compensation Review – Values are awarded to each category of loss.
  7. Award Decision is Issued, Payment Processed – Once the award is calculated, a letter is issued and payment authorized.

It can take as long as one or two years for the VCF to fully process your claim. If you disagree with the VCF’s decision, you and your World Trade Center attorney can appeal the decision.


The World Trade Center Health Program offers free healthcare benefits, like medical monitoring, treatment and medication for physical and psychological illnesses.

The program operates separately from the VCF and requires responders and survivors to file a separate claim for benefits. Like with the VCF program, however, a person seeking benefits generally must provide documentation showing that he or she has a medical condition covered by the program, was at Ground Zero or in an exposure zone and that the medical condition was caused as a result of the attacks. The required documentation varies for responders and survivors, and your World Trade Center attorney can clearly outline what documentation you need for your 9/11 claim.

  1. Apply Online – Eligible groups are encouraged to apply online via the online application system OASIS. A complete application requires supporting documentation for responders and survivors.
  2. Initial Review – Applications are processed as soon as they are received. During the initial review, you may receive a call or letter asking for additional information.
  3. Eligibility Enrollment Decision – If all documents are submitted in the initial application, you will receive a letter indicating your eligibility for enrollment in the WTC Health Program.

A person who disagrees with the WTCHP’s decision on general eligibility, the certification of a particular health condition or the program’s authorization of specific treatment also has the right to appeal.


If you or a loved one is considering seeking 9/11 responders or survivors benefits – or if you are having trouble getting your claim approved – a WTC lawyer at Pitta & Baione can help.

For more information about eligibility requirements of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund and the World Trade Center Health Program, contact a WTC attorney at Pitta & Baione at 844-WTC-COMP or