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September 11th VCF Amendments and Appeals: 9/11 Attorney Explains

Your Pitta and Baione 9/11 attorney has a great deal of experience preparing the paperwork and presenting everything that is needed to get the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) to issue the award you are entitled to. If the VCF, for some reason, does question your eligibility, outright denies that you are eligible, or tries to reduce your award, don’t worry. Your September 11th attorney has got your back. We will do everything in our power — which could include amending the claim or filing an appeal —to obtain justice for your losses.

Appealing a VCF Finding: 9/11 Attorney Guides You Through the Process

If the VCF makes a determination on your claim that you don’t like, your 9/11 attorney can help you appeal that decision when it makes sense to do so. You need to be aware, however, that filing an appeal can hold up the process of getting paid. For example:

  • If you file an appeal questioning the amount of compensation the VCF wants to give you, you will not get any money at all until they make a decision on that appeal.
  • If you appeal a VCF finding on your eligibility — for instance, they say you do not meet the criteria for the fund – they will not even begin to look at your compensation until they rule on the eligibility issue. This could end up delaying any payouts even further.

In some cases — where immediate need is demonstrated — you might be able to get paid pending appeal under rules that allow for expedited status. If you find yourself needing to appeal a VCF decision, your 9/11 attorney will work with you to find every way possible under the rules to show that you meet the criteria for this exception.

When Your September 11th Attorney Can Help You Amend a Claim

If you have new information that could result in a new VCF determination, then your 9/11 attorney can assist you with amending your claim. Unlike the case with an appeal, filing an amendment will not usually impact payment on the original determination.

For claims filed on behalf of an individual who has passed away as a result of his or her 9/11-related condition, amendments can only be filed in limited circumstances.

Call a 9/11 Attorney With Your Questions on Appeals and Amendments

Deciding when to file an appeal and when to file an amendment can be tricky. A Pitta and Baione 9/11 attorney knows the ins and outs of the rules and can explain how it all works. When you work with one of our September 11th attorneys, you will never be left feeling like you are just another number being pushed through a system. When you become a Pitta and Baione client, you are given the time, attention and respect you deserve.

Contact a 9/11 attorney at our firm today by calling 844-982-2667.

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I highly recommend Pitta Baione law firm. Matthew and Chris are prompt to return calls, extremely professional, diligent, attentive and compassionate. They listen to your concerns and don't stop working on your behalf until they get results.

Linda Grandstaff

From our initial phone call, we felt extremely confident in Pitta & Baione. handling our 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund claim. Their expertise and familiarity with the 9/11 VCF claims process was evident in all that they did to help us with all aspects of our claim. We consistently felt their commitment to us and we continue to consider them a valued and trusted source of support.

Dawn Tauber

The attorneys in this firm were understanding, compassionate, took the time to explain everything that was needed. They kept me up-to-date with the progress of my case and did everything possible to expedite it to a successful conclusion. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who needed the assistance that I did

Robert Crook

Professional, Excellent, Caring and Distinguished Attorneys and Staff who make every client special. Always striving and determined to accomplish a positive end result. They continually keep everyone up to date with the progress and reports about a clients case. An exceptional and considerate firm. I continually refer friends and family as well as anyone looking for a great group. Thank you for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated.

George Kvocka

Matthew and his brother Chris helped me get a settlement so quickly it took my breath away! They were both not only professional and knowledgeable, but they took the time to actually talk to me and get to know me, I didn't feel like just another client, but family. They helped expedite my settlement in record time, when I needed it most!

Leslie Tarver

Christopher Baione is the Partner at the firm who assisted me with my legal needs. During a very difficult time in my life he was very patient, listened to my concerns, always had time to answer my questions and was available via phone or email. I hope to not need to call him again, but if I do, he will be the attorney I will be visiting. Excellent attorney. 5 stars from me

Carmen Fiallo

I thank you for your amazing services, very professional, dad and I were very pleased... we appreciate Mr Matthew Baione very much and staff... we need good people like them to have a better world.


The firm is very professional, in particular the two Baione brothers. The staff that I had and conversations with were pleasant and very cordial. Most of all I was never confused on what was needed from me regarding my case. They have worked as speedy as I could have wished in helping me with my case. Good Group keep up the good work.

John Bucalo

My wife tells me that we were rejected by two other law firms because they felt there was no case.than she found the Baione brothers.not only did they take the case,held our hands the whole time but got us the maximum we hoped to receive

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