9/11 Attorney Vincent F. Pitta Recognized In New York City and Labor Power 100 Lists

April 22, 2021
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Leading 9/11 Attorney Vincent F. Pitta was recently recognized by the 2020 Labor Power 100 List, which highlights labor leaders who are influencing the government’s response to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Pitta has spent his career advocating for New York workers. From residents and first responders to business owners, and government employees, ensuring every hard-working New Yorker understands their legal rights has been the core of his practice.

The current unprecedented crisis facing New York and the entire nation – the coronavirus pandemic – has put many of New York’s workers on the frontline, placing them at risk of contracting the illness and creating issues in almost every area of government regulation.

To be included in the 2020 Labor Power 100 List during this unique time in our history reinforces the values of not only Mr. Pitta but the 9/11 law firm of Pitta & Baione. There is nothing more important than ensuring New Yorkers are safe when at work. The Labor Power 100 selectees are working in conjunction with the state’s leading academics, activists, and elected officials to be sure that New York workers are not forgotten in the midst of this unprecedented crisis.

About 9/11 Attorney Vincent F. Pitta

Vincent F. Pitta has a decorated career as a labor and management relations lawyer. He has built a career on the simple principle of ensuring that hard-working men and women can earn a fair living for their families and future in a safe environment. After the September 11th terrorist attacks it was only natural that he join in the fight to ensure that workers and first responders were compensated for their exposure to toxic dust at Ground Zero that would later develop into serious and life-threatening illnesses for thousands of people.

A graduate of Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Pitta previously served as a board member on the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Families Advisory Council. He is the managing partner of Pitta & Baione.

Contact Vincent F. Pitta at Pitta and Baione LLP for More Information on Current Labor and Employment Issues

During times of crisis, such as the current pandemic crisis, we turn to our leaders for guidance and assistance in moving forward and through such crises. Mr. Pitta has been recognized as one of these leaders in New York who we trust to directly confront the difficult issues rather than shy away from or avoid them altogether.

If you are experiencing labor or employment issues, or any legal issues pertaining to 9/11 or the pandemic in the New York City area, please contact Vincent F. Pitta at Pitta and Baione LLP for help. His recognized legal experience and accomplishments speak for themselves, and his team of 9/11 and pandemic lawyers can help you through any legal issues you may be facing. You can contact Mr. Pitta toll-free at 844-982-2667.