Join Us in Commemorating the 19th Anniversary of the end of the Relief Operations at Ground Zero

June 3, 2021
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On May 30, the world commemorated the 19th anniversary of the end of the rescue, recovery, and relief efforts at Ground Zero—the site of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001.

Pitta and Baione, LLP joins the global observance of this significant day and the heroic and exhaustive efforts of tens of thousands of men and women from across America and around the world who worked tirelessly during the nine-month relief operation.

Clearing the way for rebuilding and healing

Rescue and recovery workers had the grim task of recovering those who perished in the attack. And, undeterred by the fires that continued to burn for the next 100 days, they worked diligently to remove nearly two million tons of debris from Ground Zero. Their dedication and determination to clear this hallowed ground paved the way to build the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, which is located at the site of the former World Trade Center complex.

The 9/11 Memorial Glade

On May 30, 2019, 17 years after the official end of the recovery effort, The 9/11 Memorial Glade was dedicated as a space to honor the ongoing sacrifice of all who worked in the rescue, recovery and relief efforts, as well as the survivors of the Lower Manhattan community who are sick or have died from exposure to toxins in the 9/11 aftermath. We wish to recognize Pitta & Baione LLP, Senior Advisor, and former FDNY Fire Commissioner, Sal Cassano, who served as an advisor for the construction of the 9/11 Memorial Glade.

The 9/11 Memorial Museum is now open. Visit here for more information on new health and safety measures.

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