Deep Water Horizon Cleanup Workers Suffer 9/11-Type Medical Conditions

December 1, 2023
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Deep Horizon Oil Spill

More than 13 years ago, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded, unleashing 200 million gallons of BP Oil that would continue to spill into the Gulf for the next 87 days. The worst environmental disaster in United States history caused countless marine wildlife to die and become endangered.

In addition to the cleanup workers who dedicated their lives to protecting the Gulf– much like heroic 9/11 responders – homeowners and residents were exposed to a cocktail of toxins emitted from the oil. One of these was Corexit, which is a chemical that was used to break up the oil slicks on the Gulf. Such exposures have caused many people to suffer a wide variety of health conditions, including cancer. Many of these conditions are the same conditions that have afflicted thousands of 9/11 responders and survivors.

Unfortunately, very little action has been taken by BP – not only in failing to monitor the health effects of the Deep Horizon Oil Spill, but in providing medical treatment and compensation to those who suffered the physical and mental consequences of having been exposed to known toxins. Rather than devote equal efforts to both the human and environmental side of the oil spill, BP focused only on measuring air quality and not undergoing “biomarking” to track the levels of toxins that were present in the bloodstreams of individuals who were exposed to the toxins following the disaster in the Gulf.

BP Downplayed the Risks of Exposure to Known Toxins

BP is a multinational corporation that has enough financial resources to fight every allegation and lawsuit that comes its way. It is no secret that BP failed to monitor the cleanup workers of Deep Water Horizon, as well as the survivors and nearby residents. Despite data that shows a link between exposure to the oil spill toxins and the 9/11-type conditions and illnesses listed below, BP has been able to successfully deflect any and all lawsuits, paying an average of only $3,000 per individual in one group settlement. These conditions and illnesses include:

  • Cancer;
  • Long-Term Respiratory Conditions;
  • Heart Disease;
  • Headaches;
  • Memory Loss;
  • Blurred Vision;
  • Chronic Rhinosinusitis (swelling of the sinuses in the head and nose that results in nasal drip and facial pain);
  • Eye Problems; and
  • Rashes and Other Skin Conditions.

Many individuals share the same health conditions and have termed them collectively as “BP Syndrome,” or “Gulf Coast Syndrome.” While every person’s situation is unique, far too many Deep Water Horizon cleanup workers, survivors, and residents are suffering from health conditions that deserve prompt medical treatment and intervention.

Deep Water Horizon Victims Deserve Benefits and Compensation Programs Similar to Those Impacted by 9/11

Many people have compared the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the sense that responders to the oil spill exposed themselves to a multitude of toxins to protect and save others. Those who suffered from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 have a means to file claims to receive medical monitoring and treatment under the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP).

Many of these same individuals qualify to receive compensation under the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). Such programs do not exist for workers and survivors who have suffered for more than a decade following the tragic BP Oil spill.

Additionally, as we have learned from the 9/11 attacks, many survivors and responders who were exposed to the toxins at and around Ground Zero may not develop or be diagnosed with serious medical conditions, such as cancer, for decades.

As such, experts believe that many Deep Water Horizon cleanup workers may wind up facing a diagnosis of cancer and other debilitating medical conditions in the years – or decades – to come. These workers deserve to recover not only compensation for their suffering, but at a minimum, the medical monitoring and treatment necessary to fight conditions that are often fatal.

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If you or a loved one is a 9/11 survivor or victim, you may be eligible to file claims to receive medical benefits and compensation through the WTCHP and VCF. The lawyers at Pitta & Baione LLP have devoted their careers to representing individuals who have suffered from exposure to 9/11 toxins. Our law firm has recovered more than $300 million in compensation for 9/11 responders and survivors.

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