WTC Health Program and 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Claims


Were you in Lower Manhattan between September 11, 2001 and July 31, 2002?

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If you or a loved one were exposed to toxic dust from the World Trade Center between those dates, you may be eligible for free healthcare and financial compensation. Our 9/11 attorneys are here to help.


9/11 Lawyers Fighting For Our Neighbors

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Founded by lawyers with roots in Little Italy, Pitta & Baione LLP is dedicated to fighting for New Yorkers who are still suffering the consequences of simply living and working south of Houston Street in the months after 9/11. Our neighbors were lied to and told the air was safe to breathe, and now they’re battling cancer and other serious illnesses because of it. We don’t think that’s right. Our 9/11 lawyers fight every day to ensure that justice is served and ALL of 9/11’s victims are properly compensated for the harm they suffered.

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After the 9/11 attacks, the federal government reassured us that the air in our communities was safe to breathe. We know now that this was not true. The dust that coated lower Manhattan contained asbestos, metals, glass fibers, lead, cement and other harmful materials. Those who worked, lived, or went to school south of Houston St. in the months that followed the World Trade Center collapse are now suffering high rates of cancer and other health conditions.

In 2010, Congress passed the Zadroga Act to provide free healthcare and financial compensation for those who suffer from 9/11-related health conditions. The Zadroga Act created the Victim Compensation Fund (9/11 VCF) and the World Trade Center Health Program (WTCHP), both of which are funded through 2090.

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What Was in the 9/11 Dust?

The air was not safe to breathe


If inhaled, asbestos fibers can cause mesothelioma and lung cancer.


Lead, believed to be from the Towers’ electric cables, was found in the dust. Lead exposure can cause damage to the brain and central nervous system.


Electrical transformers, electrical equipment, and plastics released PCBs when the Towers burned. PCB exposure can affect the thyroid, liver, reproductive function, and more.


Shattered glass from the more than 43,000 windows in the Twin Towers were found in the dust. Glass dust has been linked to respiratory disorders.


High levels of exposure to gypsum may cause respiratory issues and other health effects. Dust samples found that 80-90% of the particles were gypsum (from the Towers’ drywall), concrete, and synthetic fibers.

Committed to You and Committed to the Cause

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Pitta & Baione LLP is among the most knowledgeable and well-connected of any 9/11 law firm. We know how to cut through red tape to get our clients help, and our successes reflects that. Before programs like the Victims Compensation Fund and the World Trade Center Health Program existed, our lawyers were lobbying Congress to establish 9/11 benefits programs. When funding for the Victim Compensation Fund was threatened, Pitta & Baione LLP was in D.C. again fighting for the program’s extension. Helping 9/11 victims and their families isn’t our business—it’s our calling. 

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A Voice for 9/11 Survivors and Their Families


Our work doesn’t end after we help a 9/11 survivor recover compensation. We do whatever it takes to help improve our clients’ lives for the better, regardless of whether or not it pertains to the specific claim at hand. Whether that means helping to enroll them in the WTC health program or changing laws to ensure the 9/11 community is protected now and well into the future, we’ll do it. We know how to cut through red tape and lobby Congress to get our clients help, and our success reflects that.


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Our law firm doesn’t have cases, it has clients, and we do whatever it takes to help them.

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Our Fight Extends From the Courtroom to the Capitol

Our work for 9/11 victims goes beyond individual cases to the steps of Congress. The Firm was instrumental in encouraging Congress to pass the Never Forget the Heroes Act and joined the successful lobbying efforts to extend the VCF registration deadline.

Pitta & Baione LLP knows more than just the laws that affect 9/11 survivors. We also know the local organizations and power players that help write and enforce them. Our founders have been named to New York City and State’s Power list multiple times, and have been recognized among NYC’s top lobbyists. For us, practicing law is just one tool in our arsenal to get our neighbors help.